Arts for All

The Arts are for All

Arts for all at the Ferguson Center for the Arts
The performing arts inspire passion. They serve as a conduit for life’s many messages, instilling in the audience varied emotions. A community where everyone has the opportunity to experience the performing arts is a society that is richer in understanding and broader in its appeal. Arts for All is a Ferguson Center for the Arts program that works to that end.

Over the past seven performance seasons, the Arts for All program provides underwritten tickets to children and families in at-risk communities. Administered by the Ferguson Center for the Arts, tickets are distributed to targeted communities through local municipalities and self-identified 501c3 organizations (such as churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, Social Services, schools). Over the past seven performance seasons, thousands of Hampton Roads residents have experienced the joy and wonder of live performance for the first time through Arts for All.

Performing arts is an expensive proposition, with ticket sales covering less than 60% of all operating expenses. We are fortunate that our community members have embraced us with their generosity to make up the difference. With your support, Arts for All can have a positive impact by reaching a larger portion of our community.

We hope you will consider making a contribution that will help us continue to create touchstone moments that inspire greatness in the children of our community for many generations to come.


“I really liked the Virsky show, my mom said without the tickets, we could not have gone.”
— 4th grader, South Morrison Elementary School

“Thank you for the show. I was really excited to learn about different cultures.”
—4th grader, South Morrison Elementary School

“Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful evening for South Morrison’s students, families and faculty.”
— Barbara Nagel, Principal

“Without the Arts for All program, many of our families would miss the opportunity to share this mode of learning with our children and the opportunity to experience the arts. Because of community partners like the Ferguson Center for the Arts, Merrimack Elementary continues to meet Annual Yearly Progress and stay fully accredited based on the No Child Left Behind Law.”
—Lakitta White-Hicks: Parent/Teacher Resource Coordinator, Merrimack Elementary School

“The Arts for All program has provided wonderful opportunities for our children and their families to experience the cultural arts through live music and theatre.”
— Ann Robinson, Professional School Counselor Sedgefield Elementary